Advertising on the Community Guide Magnets will provide your company with:


By leveraging a non-traditional media, our community guides can create wider visibility by being placed in highly targeted common areas within a home or office.



IMG's community guide magnets will generate higher levels of reach, retention, and recency of messages, all of which are key factors in creating measurably higher response rate.


On average, it takes at least five exposures to a message before consumers will act. By offering the flexibility to be placed in convenient, everyday locations, the community guides establish higher message retention through multiple exposures. Our unique distribution model enables our clients to acquire over 3 million exposures per year, per market, per ad. 




Our magnetic advertising guides offer an effective way to repeatedly position your brand, product or service in the mind of the targeted consumer.



By creating higher response rates IMG's community guides will bring incremental value to your company's marketing efforts and help maximize the return on your marketing investments. IMG delivers targeted messages where people live and work, while offering many benefits of traditional advertising medium at a fraction of the cost.